Valve Instrumentation, Calibration, and Actuator Repair Services from EFCO control the reliability of your industrial instrumentation and valves for compliance with relevant standards.

We have qualified instrument atom technicians and the latest equipment to provide you with the best available testing and calibration services.

  • Assess the accuracy of your industrial instrumentation and valves according to relevant standards and the besttechniques available
  • we can perform tests on site.
  • Improve instrument reliability and decrease process downtime due to control failures

Our Services Includes

  • Insitu Actuator Services and repair
  • Insitu Instrumentation and Calibration
  • Inspection, Calibration, and Maintenance of Actuators
  • Mobile valve maintenance and calibration workshops
  • Maintenance of Control Valves through the use of a portable micro-processed diagnosis systems
  • Instrumentation and electrical work teams for turnarounds
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