PS & PS-H Series


Vertical & Horizontal Valve Test Benches

PS & PS-H Series

Valve test benches can be used for various applications like intermediate and final inspections by valve manufacturers, testing new valves upon delivery. Test Benches can also be used for post-repair testing of in situ as well as Factory Repair valves. These consist of pressure tests of valve housings, leakage tests of the valve seats, and testing of the set pressure of safety valves.

An EFCO valve test bench consists of a clamping unit and a control panel for operation, measurement, and control. The test piece is held securely by the clamping device and sealed on the inlet and outlet for the test.

The operating/measuring/control console is used for the filling of the valve, building up of test pressure, controlling the clamping unit, and measuring of test pressure.

We also offer small, portable test units for mobile applications.

Standardized – Modular design

These units are cost-effective with short delivery times.

EFCO standard testing technology is characterized by :

  • Easy, manual operation
  • Suitable for pressure testing of shut-off/control valves and safety valves
  • Stainless Steel Control Panel and Water Tank
  • Tubing, fitting, Valves and Gauges are also are in Stainless Steel.
  • Inbuilt Accumulator for testing safety valves with water
  • Safety Interlocking system
  • Inbuilt Valve Documentation System
  • Anti-corrosive coating on all parts of clamping device
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